1.  Awesome Souveniers/Party Favors

Photobooths that print pictures on the spot can be great party favors to give to guests or great souveniers for guests to take home.

2.  Memories

Fun Booth Live Photo booths are an easy, fun way to capture all of your guests having a fantastic time at your wedding! Little ones, your friends, your parents and your grandparents will have a fabulous time! And you have a lasting memory of them!

3.  They’re Fun!

There’s something contagious about photo booths!  Photobooths allow everyone to let loose and have fun.  Have you ever seen anyone frowning after coming out of a photo booth?  NO! Never!Photo booths make guests smile, laugh and create memories. Who doesn’t want that at their event?

4.  Entertainment for Everyone

It’s great to offer guests entertainment besides dancing or forcing people to retreat to their tables for small talk.  Everyone can enjoy Photo Booths

Some of the guests at your reception may not be the Dancing Queen type…so they might not get photographed…but get them in the funbooth, and they may just cut loose!

5.  It’s perfect for any event!

They are perfect for:  Weddings, Fundraisers, Sweet 16s and Quinceaneras, Trade Shows, Dances and Proms, and Corporate Events.  You can customize our photo booth for any event too!
1.  We have the fastes printing Photo Booth on the market.  Our’s prints in 7.5 seconds.  This means more time for your buck to get more pictures for more of your guests!

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