Jah's Batman themed birthday party
Children’s  parties  are the easiest type of parties to throw. Because children are very creative and very excitable, it alleviates the stress of a parent trying to figure out what will make their child the happiest. Here are some simple tips on how to throw a fun filled and successful birthday party for children.

A good age for a children’s party is around five years old. By the time a child is five, they have a very good understanding of whats going on and can actually appreciate the festivities and the people who have come to join them.

When throwing a party for your child, don’t splurge. Keep it simple. Use the resources around you to foster a good time. If you have a pool, guess what? It’s a pool party. If not, don’t worry. At some point during the party, you will find children repurposing objects. It’s amazing how the toilet paper roll becomes a trumpet, a telescope, a nose and many other things. Whether you are the parent of the birthday child or the parent of an attending child, don’t splurge on gifts. Children have a very short attention span and the gifts will go largely ignored. Before you know it, back to the back to the toilet paper roll!

While children don’t need much, a few games would be a good idea. Games like pin the tail on the donkey and musical chairs never go out of style. Be ready to give away prizes. Children will be really excited to have a chance at winning them.

More Party Tips

The good ole goody bag. Goody bags may be tedious for an adult, but its a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow for a child.  Be sure to give out the goody bags at the end of the party. If the goody bags are handed out sooner, and you’re a parent of an attending child, put the goody bag away once you receive it. Encourage your child to snack on something else. A  child bouncing around with candy in the mouth simply isn’t a good idea. You are better prepared to monitor your children and their candy at home, in a calmer environment. Plus, I’m sure there will already be sweets at the party. They’ll have cake.  No need for over kill.

Make sure children are hydrated. Children won’t hydrate themselves. They’ll run around endlessly and before you know it, their head is throbbing. Catch up to them here and there and have them drink a little water.

Avoid the uncontrolled excitement of opening gifts. Open gifts after the party. Remember, their filters aren’t properly adjusted just yet and the can be brutally honest.  Children sneer at things they don’t like and become over excited at things they do like. So, try to avoid hurt or bad feelings. Opening up gifts after the party is also a good way of keeping the birthday boy/girl in celebration mode until bedtime. After all, it is their big day.

Kids don’t know when they are thirsty. sit them down and hydrate them at outdoor parties

Finally, Be sure to send thank you cards. Its a good way for children to learn this early on. Have them fill out the cards themselves if they are five and over. Appreciation is a contagious valuable lesson.

Fancy Face Photo Booth had the pleasure of providing our child friendly services to Jah’s birthday party in Bellmore, NY. We wish you a Happy 6th Birthday!

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