Over the …Top!

Its pretty exciting reaching a birthday milestone. One, five, ten,sixteen, eighteen, twenty one, thirty, forty and yeah, the big 5-0! With each and every step, these milestones representing coming of age and maturity, amounts to a repository of accomplishments. These accomplishments are both personal and professional. By the time one turns fifty, these learning experiences help to differentiate the things that are really important in life from what’s really not. The objective is adding more of the things that bring joy to your life. Whether it’s adding people or adventure, joy is what keeps our hearts healthy. 

Every year of your life, something happens. Whether it’s  good or bad, it has made you stronger and more prepared for the next event. It even gets a little awkward. Your kids are going off on their own and YOUR parents are aging. At fifty, you must be one tough cookie!

Fancy Face Photo Booth had the pleasure of providing photo booth service, and PartyTyme Dj kept the guests on their feet all night. Maggie was thrilled that her family put in all of the hard work to plan this special event for her. At fifty, she wasn’t shy to let her hair down and turn up as she hit the photo booth and the dance floor. She is truly what makes life at fifty look real good. Plus, we love birthdays that end in Zero! 

Happy 50th Maggie!

P.S. You were in almost every photo. 

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