Family reunions are a fun way to reunite family members within the same  generation as well as bringing together members of extended generations. The task of planning a family reunion is usually a difficult one. The difficulties lay within communication as well as the overall gathering of a large group of people, with the ultimate goal of getting them to the same place at the same time. But, it can get done.

The Williams and Barber families have roots in Alabama and a considerable amount of family members who still live there traveled to New York City to re-unite with family members who established roots in the northeast during the Great Migration. This biennial event has traditionally lasted three days.

The first day consists of a meet and greet. This is when the north greets the south and welcomes family members who have traveled approximately 1,030 miles to see them. The second day consists of a formal dinner.  This dinner was held at  The Laguardia Plaza Hotel. At this dinner, family members stood up and spoke on behalf of their immediate families and gave a brief trace from a common ancestor. This was pretty interesting as we counted approximately 6 generations in the room. Family members from all generations got together at the photo booth and had a great time. There was no shortage of love and laughter here. They took so many awesome photos and Fancy Face Photo Booth was honored to be a part of this special day.

After the dinner, family members from New York wanted to take their family members out on the town, rendezvous point, Red Rooster. By the time they got there it had already been filled to capacity. This failed attempt led them to another Harlem gem, Gin Fizz, where they had a wonderful time listening to great music and shared laughs over drinks and hookah.

The third day was a family Independence Day barbecue held at Thomas Jefferson Park in East Harlem. This all day BBQ yielded even more family members from New York. At the BBQ, family members socialized, shared family stories and played games. The food and music was non stop and everyone enjoyed. By the evening, the family had begun to dissipate, as they were to shortly begin their travels back to Alabama. The important things, love and unity were felt throughout this occasion, which brings me to Mark 10:9 which is what the Williams and Barber families hold true in bringing and keeping their families together. The New International version reads “ Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.”


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